The Aquinas Program is a Christ-centered, quality academic education program within a Catholic school environment for young adults with learning disabilities. Students are encouraged to work to their full potential and to be respectful of others. Emphasis is placed on helping students gain self-confidence and develop a positive attitude toward academic achievement.

Students are scheduled into regular high school classes, with the exception of  one period per day, at which time they are scheduled into the resource room for instruction in organization and study skills.  The teacher-to-student ratio is approximately 1:5. Students have a full academic schedule; modifications and adaptations are developed through consultation between the Aquinas Program teacher and subject area teachers. These adaptations are specified on the students' Individual Instruction Plans (IP's).

Admission into the Aquinas Program is determined through interview and review of educational testing. For further information on the Aquinas Program, please speak with Mr. Mario Lucrezi M. Ed., Principal at (610) 868-1431, x112; Dr. Brooke  Cortese Tesche', Ed.D., Deputy Superintendent - Special Education and Secondary Education for the Diocese of Allentown at (610) 866-0581, x25 or Ms. Jaclyn Welsh, M.Ed., NDHS  Assistant Principal at (610) 868-1431, x114.


"To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary.  To one without faith, no explanation is possible.   ~ St. Aquinas


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