We in the Theology Department position ourselves for excellence in theology that connects faith to life which serves as the foundation for academic study. The study of Theology illuminates the relationship between faith and reason. The department aims to provide the leadership for the integration of faith across disciplines to reason critically and ethically through the Catholic tradition and its relevance to the needs of society and the Church.  

 "Education is integral to the mission of the Church to proclaim the Good News. First and foremost every Catholic educational institution is a place to encounter the living God who in Jesus Christ reveals his transforming love and truth. This relationship elicits a desire to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Christ and his teaching. In this way those who meet him are drawn by the very power of the Gospel to lead a new life characterized by all that is beautiful, good, and true; a life of Christian witness nurtured and strengthened within the community of our Lord’s disciples, the Church."

~Pope Benedict XVI



Ms. Cassie Boccardi, Department Chair

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Mr. John Carrington

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Mr. Thomas Kuehne

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Mr. Norman Steinruck

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