Welcome to the Guidance Office!

Contact the Guidance Office - 610-867-7012

Guidance Office personnel: Mr. Ryan Allen (Last names A-K) - rallen@ciu20.org 610-868-1431, ext. 133

Mrs. Brandie Uliana (Last names L-Z) buliana@ndcrusaders.org 610-868-1431, ext. 104

Mrs. Michelle Vail (Administrative Assistant) - mvail@ciu20.org 610-868-1431, ext. 135


Mr. Allen and Mrs. Uliana are wrapping up senior meetings and will begin meeting with Freshmen near the beginning of November.

All seniors should log on to their Naviance account prior to their meeting with their counselor to update their Colleges I'm Thinking About list, complete the Common App Account matching tool (if you have created a Common App account), and review the process to request transcripts.

Juniors should be creating and updating their Colleges I'm Thinking About list and paying close attention to the colleges that will be coming to visit them here at school. The list of visits can be found in Naviance as well as on the Guidance calendar on this page.

If you are a college admissions representative who wishes to schedule a visit, you may do so through RepVisits.com.

Mrs. Vail has posted a list of scholarships for seniors in Naviance/Family Connection.  Click on the colleges tab.  Scroll to scholarships & money, then click on scholarship list.  Most of them are local scholarships.