Welcome to the Guidance Office!

Contact the Guidance Office - 610-867-7012

Guidance Office personnel: Mr. Ryan Allen (Last names A-K) - rallen@ciu20.org 610-868-1431, ext. 133

Mrs. Brandie Uliana (Last names L-Z) buliana@ndcrusaders.org 610-868-1431, ext. 104

Mrs. Michelle Vail (Administrative Assistant) - mvail@ciu20.org 610-868-1431, ext. 135


Mr. Allen and Mrs. Uliana will be in the office approximately once per week over the summer months. If you have a question or request that requires immediate attention you may send them an email.

If you are a college admissions representative who wishes to schedule a visit, you may do so through RepVisits.com.


Mrs. Vail has posted a list of scholarships for seniors in Naviance/Family Connection.  Click on the colleges tab.  Scroll to scholarships & money, then click on scholarship list.  Most of them are local scholarships.