The main goals of the Business Education Department are to prepare students to become knowledgeable and ethical decision makers as consumers, workers, and citizens. We strive to introduce students to the basics of personal finance, the decision-making techniques needed to be wise consumers, the economic principles of an increasingly international marketplace, and the processes by which businesses operate. In addition, we strive to provide a solid educational foundation for students who want to successfully complete college programs in business disciplines.   
The Department also sponsors the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).  Through various activities, service and competitions this organization's mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.  


(652) ACCOUNTING 1   1 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This course studies the process and reasons for the complete accounting cycle of a sole proprietorship and partnership. The cycle will include: working with journals, ledgers, financial statements, bank reconciliations, and writing and endorsing checks. The course is taught using exercises, problems, and a hands-on computerized simulation packet.

(653) ACCOUNTING 2   1 credit GRADE 12
This course is an extension of the knowledge acquired in Accounting I. Students are taught to record more advanced transactions in dealing with departmental and corporate accounting, payroll, and depreciation. The use of different journals, ledgers and financial statements is taught with the aid of working papers. Students will also complete through the accounting cycle, a hands-on computerized simulation accounting packet.
*Prerequisite: Grade 80 or above in Accounting 1.

(654) BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LAW   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This course emphasizes the legal rights and obligations of a citizen. With the use of sample cases, the students will learn about the legal environment, which governs business situations such as: contracts, civic and criminal law, trial procedures, warranties, and consumer protection.

(660) PERSONAL FINANCE MANAGEMENT   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
Students will gain practical life skills and knowledge necessary in all aspects of dealing with everyday personal finance matters. Topics will include gross and net income, budgeting, banking services, credit management, loans, automobile transportation, and insurance. These areas of interest will be reinforced with real life applications.

(655) ENTREPRENEURSHIP   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This course is designed to prepare students to carry out the entrepreneurial process. Students will be introduced to production, marketing, finance, human resources, global competition, and legal, ethical and social issues. Not only will students use simulation software to manage a virtual business, but students will develop an innovative idea and write a business plan.

(651) MARKETING 1   .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This course is an introduction to the basic theories dealing with the business economy. It will introduce the student to the market place, developing products and pricing, determining market channels and distribution channels, sales promotions and public relations, and international marketing, as well as the legal aspects of marketing.