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(850) DRIVER EDUCATION .20 credit College Prep GRADE 10
The course in Driver Education will attempt not only to teach the basic driving skills but also to help the student develop good understanding, attitudes and judgment for safe driving in our increasingly complex traffic situation. The course consists of two parts: classroom theory and behind-the-wheel training. Driver’s permits are necessary for the latter part of the course. The class offers the students an opportunity to get their senior licenses 6 months earlier and have a reduction in car insurance.


(800) HEALTH / WELLNESS 1 .5 credit College Prep GRADE 9
The objective of this course is to give the students a thorough understanding of health matters, which are relevant in today’s society. Topics of major importance are discussed in the hope that students will gain basic knowledge and acquire an improved attitude toward health.


(821) SOCIAL TRANSITIONS .20 credit College Prep GRADE 10
This minor course is a violence-prevention, self-development curriculum that incorporates spirituality in the context of the inherent dignity of the human person. Students learn skills that help them recognize and speak out effectively against injustice, and to help them develop healthy relationships. Further, students learn the importance of “owning” their behavior while learning how to make good decisions, maintaining confidentiality, and effectively communicating. Since many of the sessions are gender-specific, the curriculum is equally relevant to boys and girls.


(845) HEALTH AND WELLNESS 2 .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This semester course will build upon the basic knowledge students learned in freshman year Health. The course will include a more in-depth exposure to areas such as mental health, nutrition and eating disorders, stress management, coping skills and anger management, drug and alcohol use, family relationships, adolescence, and social relationships.


(953) NUTRITION 1 .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11- 12
This class will cover the different aspects of everyday nutrition. Content will address nutrition bascs, energy yielding nutrients, energy production and energy balance, vitamins and minerals, nutrition applications in the life cycle, and applying nutrition knowledge into practice. Physical activities will be included in this course to assist the learner in understanding the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise.
*Prerequisite – 85 or above in Biology, 80 or above in Honors Biology


(810) PHYSICAL EDUCATION / WELLNESS .2 credit College Prep GRADE 9-10-11
The physical education program will promote the physical facet of the total person. This class provides students with the fundamental skills of team sports, individual and lifetime sports, and recreation activities. Seniors are given the option of satisfying the requirement through independent study. The student must secure the approval of the department chairperson prior to registering as an independent study.


(860) SPORTS MANAGEMENT I .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This semester class will give students an overview of sports management from a potential career perspective.


(846) SPORTS MANAGEMENT 2 .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
This semester course is designed to provide the students the opportunity to discuss current issues in interscholastic athletics. The students are also put in the role of an athletic director to gain an understanding of how a high school athletic program is run on a day to day basis.

(870) KINESIOLOGY .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
Kinesiology examines human movement from a mechanical prospective. Students will participate in different laboratory activities to take measurements while walking, running, jumping, as well as throwing and striking a projectile. Classes will apply Newton’s law, basic algebra, and trigonometry to analyze data collected from laboratory activities.


(871) TONE & STRENGTHEN .5 credit College Prep GRADE 11-12
In response to the headlines concerning lack of exercise and the effects on one's health, Notre Dame is offering a semester class for interested students to change their level of exercise! During the semester, students will have the opportunity to develop their own personal fitness program. Three days each week will be spent in the weight room or using strength training videos, and two days will involve the group participating in a cardio workout. The goal is for each participant to develop an active lifestyle that will have positive effects now and for the future. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginner in exercise, this class will benefit your overall health and wellness.


12th Grade Physical Education and Health 1credit College Prep GRADE 12
This course is designed to offer the students a class in which they will participate in P.E. for one semester of the school year. The students will participate in organized activities in which team activities, personal fitness/wellness and sport specific skills will be taught. In the second semester of the class, students will be taught Health in a classroom setting. Areas of focus will be concepts of health, healthful living and safety and injury prevention.