Welcome to the Guidance Office!

Contact the Guidance Office - 610-867-7012

Guidance Office personnel:

Mr. Ryan Allen (Last names A-K) - rallen@ciu20.org 610-868-1431, ext. 133

Mrs. Brandie Uliana (Last names L-Z) buliana@ndcrusaders.org 610-868-1431, ext. 104

Mrs. Michelle Vail (Administrative Assistant) - mvail@ciu20.org 610-868-1431, ext. 135

What's Happening

Beginning June 13th, the Counseling Office will be operating on a Summer schedule. Mrs. Vail, Mr. Allen, and Mrs. Uliana will be in the office periodically throughout the summer months. Please call or email ahead to time to check availability if you require an appointment.

Working papers can be obtained through the school district in which you reside.

Mrs. Vail keeps an updated list of scholarships for seniors in Naviance Family Connection.  Click on the colleges tab.  Scroll to scholarships & money, then click on scholarship list.  Most of them are local scholarships.

PSAT score reports were distributed to students in January. If your child provided an email address when they took the PSAT, they should have also received an email in mid-December with instructions for accessing their PSAT scores online at studentscores.collegeboard.org. If your student does not have a College Board account, or if their PSAT scores do not appear in their account, you may contact their school counselor to receive their access code.


Senior Information (Class of 2018)

Congratulations Class of 2018! 

Final transcripts have been sent to the college you indicated you would attend when you completed the Graduation Survey in your Naviance account. If this information changes, please email your school counselor or Mrs. Vail so they can send your transcript to the correct recipient. 


Junior Information (Class of 2019)

You have once chance left to take the SAT or ACT prior to the start of your senior year. The deadline to register for the August 25th SAT is July 27th. The deadline to register for the July 14th ACT is June 15th.

International students should additionally consider taking the TOEFL.

Sophomore Information (Class of 2020)

As upcoming Juniors, you are encouraged to start thinking about what type of college you'd like to attend and what you might like to study in college. Summer enrichment programs/camps/activities can provide students with extra direction, resources, and connections as they explore their career interests. Information about summer programs can be found in Naviance under the Colleges tab, within the "College Research" section.

Naviance is an excellent resource for finding information on colleges and careers.

Freshman Information (Class of 2021)

Congratulations on successfully completing your first year of high school!

The grades you earned this year can set the tone for the rest of your high school experience. When you apply to colleges as a senior, they will see the courses you took and the grades you earned as a freshman. Do your best, and don't be afraid to ask for help!